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Winter skin – How to get your glow back!

Winter skin – How to get your glow back!

With the holidays over and winter’s gloom upon us, we now look to the spring season to revive and restore us personally and professionally.

During this time of transition, we emerge from our indoor caves and take a good look at our winter skin, we may see dull tones, as well as congested pores and T-zones. We may wonder where our “glow” went as we see the incredible complexions of our favorite celebrities this award season.

Many clients are steering away from invasive treatments and turning to skincare experts to help them achieve the youthful results they are looking for. With the right treatments and product blends of flower and other rejuvenating acids; bright, healthy, smooth, and firm skin may be achieved without the down time that comes with invasive treatments.

Winter is an excellent time to get your skins glow back by choosing a treatment that is focused on renewal and re-youth. You can also let your aesthetician create a customized non-invasive “facelift” that will bring instant rejuvenation.

Flower acids, like hibiscus, are favorite ingredients that we use in tandem with numerous other pro-youth formulas to create custom results. These non-irritating, yet powerful rejuvenators provide potent re-youth and brightening benefits, protect from free radicals, deliver hydration and antioxidant support.

Schedule a customized deep cleansing facial or try one of our featured treatments on special this month:

  • Illuminate & Glow Peel will get your skins glow back and bring confidence.
  • Gift of Radiance Facial will bring you “me time” and beautiful results that will last for weeks.
  • Add an Oxygen infusion at time of facial to get your skin “event ready” and counteract seasonal damage.

To restore the skin’s health and prepare for the transition into the new season with warmer weather approaching, remember the inner health and outer beauty connection, join us for a dry January. Move, catch up on sleep and be mindful- you will love the results!


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