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Winter Tips 2016

Winter Tips 2016

Weather the Winter: Season-Perfect Skin & Body Care with Kerstin Florian Products.



Rescue Your Skin

Seasonal weather changes can deprive skin of its natural oils and protective moisture barrier, leaving it rough, chapped, cracked and inflamed. As the temperature drops outside, try protecting your skin with NEW fragrance-free Moisture Balm, a deeply hydrating and protective formula that replenishes moisture and reveals a soft, supple, more youthful complexion. Use as a rinse-off masque for instant results, or leave on overnight for a more intensive treatment. Add a boost of aromatherapy with a few drops of Organic Facial Oil for even more hydration and custom skin benefits.


Boost Your Immunity

Don’t let colder temperatures and holiday jet-setting hamper your good health. Immerse your senses and boost your immune system with Mineral Wellness Soak + Eucalyptus Bath. This deeply invigorating combination delivers over 60 natural minerals and trace elements while an energizing blend of pine and eucalyptus soothes aching muscles and helps ease symptoms of congestion.


Reveal + Protect

Reveal glowing, even-toned skin with Intensive Renewal Glycolic 15. The exfoliating power of glycolic acid balanced with soothing skin softeners and lightweight hydrators provides the perfect overnight skin treatment, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, congestion and signs of aging. Follow with Rescue Creme for instant nourishment, lasting hydration and powerful protection from environmental stressors and premature aging. Try sleeping on a satin pillowcase and wake up to crease-free skin!


Holiday Bustle Relief

Calm Mind + Fub Balm: an essential combination to relieve holiday stress of both the mind and the body. Holiday parties and high heels often lead to sore feet, muscle tension and joint pain. Feel instant relieve with with Fub Balm, a therapeutic, cooling foot and body crème that provides a renewed sense of energy and well-being. And, with a deep inhalation of Calm Mind, headaches, stress and tension melt away. This duo makes for the perfect holiday hostess gift!


Credit, Kerstin Florian International.


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