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Summer Tips 2017

Summer Tips 2017

Glow into Summer with these Skincare Essentials!

Summertime Staple

Refresh your skin anytime with best-selling Rehydrating Neroli Water. This iconic floral water provides the instant quench your summer skin craves as its uplifting scent helps calm the mind and elevate the spirit. Toss it in your beach bag for a midday cooldown or even keep it on ice for an energizing poolside pick-me-up on a hot summer day!

Summer Slimdown

Is your silhouette ready for summer? Reveal a visibly smoother, slimmer contour by massaging Intensive Slimming Serum into skin twice daily, concentrating on areas prone to cellulite or stretch marks. Follow with Multi-Vitamin Firming Crème, a luxurious, hydrating body treatment specially formulated to tighten, brighten and improve elasticity. This high-performance duo will have you summer-ready in no time!

Ultimate Poolside Pair

Practice safe sunning with these easy summer sun care tips! Always wear a hat, seek shade when possible, and apply – and reapply! – Sun Protection SPF 30 before and during sun exposure to help prevent wrinkles, premature aging and skin cancer. After a day in the sun, soothe parched skin with hydrating, healing Aloe Gel to leave it soft, smooth and weightlessly refreshed.

Renew + Brighten

Keep summer sun damage, dehydration and hyperpigmentation at bay with two simple steps. Once or twice weekly, use Intensive Renewal Glycolic 15 after nighttime cleansing. The next morning, apply Brightening Facial Treatment to refine texture, boost clarity and restore tone. This duo works hand in hand to reveal brighter, younger-looking skin and overall radiance!


Credit, Kerstin Florian International.


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