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Why take baths?

Why take baths?

My massage therapists tell me to soak regularly to relieve tension in my tight muscles. No problem; I love to take baths! Bath always relax my muscles and calm my mind and depending on what I decide to add to the warm water it will give me the added healthful benefits that I am looking for. Detoxifying mineral salts and a variety herbal baths is standard in my bathroom and it is my natural apothecary.

It’s always fun to decide what to add to the bath so first I ask myself some questions:

  • What results would I like from the bath today? 
  • How do I want to feel after the bath?
  • What can the bath do for me? (E.g. address aching muscles and joints, breath easier, get energy, prevent a cold, calm jangled nerves, get a good night sleep, nourish dry skin etc.).

Some of my clients tell me they don’t like to take baths and when I ask why some answer that they don’t like the idea of soaking in dirty water.

Here is the trick: I always shower, wash my hair and do a body scrub before I draw the bath.  Once in the bath I let my deep hair conditioner do it’s magic and a couple times a week I apply a face masque on my clean face. After 15-20 minutes I get out of the tub and only pat my skin dry lightly as I like it to still be moist when I apply moisturizing body oil (and there is no need to rinse off the nourishing herbs, salt or oils from the bath as the skin is clean!).

Happy Soaking!

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