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Sculptural Face Lifting

Sculptural Face Lifting

Your facial muscles are trained to move with your feelings. Happiness, sadness, stress, anger, and a slew of other emotions affect the way the muscles sit on your face. The answer to this issue is Sculptural Face Lifting! “What’s that?” you may ask. Well let me share a nugget of gold with you! This is a game changer, TRUST US!



Sculptural Face Lifting (SFL) re-sculpts the muscles in your face, neck and décolletage by releasing emotion from the muscle. This natural rejuvenation technique is important because where there is tension, there is restriction. As we retrain the facial muscles, the result is strength, tone and rebalance of the facial structure. The SFL technique also focuses on intra-oral work also known as Buccal technique. Buccal targets the support muscle of your face by way of inner mouth massage. Intra-oral releases tension that causestightness in your jaw and nasal passages that restricts proper oxygenation to your facial muscles.

SFL is the perfect alternative to achieve a facelift without involving needles! The sculptural face lifting technique was derived by Yakov Gershkovich, the leading specialist in the field of facial aesthetics, a recognised authority on natural rejuvenation and facial manipulation but also is praised by A-list celebrities, beauty bloggers and therapists. He strives for a method to natural rejuvenation that gives an effective face lifting without the use of injections, botox and fillers in a fast and effectiveway. Unlike Botox, this technique uses the power of the hands to re- sculpt the muscles rather than freezing them. It can however be used alongside these procedures.



  • Makes you look younger
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces deep folds and double chin
  • Reverses and prevents face aging
  • Lifts drooping corners of lips, “bulldog cheeks”
  • Smooths “crow’s feet”, forehead wrinkles
  • Eliminates puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
  • Rehabilitation after sinusitis, stroke



  • Healthy-looking radiance
  • Smooth and soft skin texture
  • Removes tension and stress



Sculptural Face Massage is the Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Massage – It is a face lift without injections or surgery. This dynamic lift procedure is aimed at the deep, underlying support muscles. It includes a powerful energy technique with osteopathic effects to tone and lift the facial muscles, while releasing negative emotion that changes the structure of our face.

Total duration of SFL procedure is 80 minutes. It begins with cleansing and light exfoliation, followed by 3 phases including sculptural massage, buccal massage and a nourishing masque.

During the sculptural massage, the esthetician “sculpts” the face, focusing on the underlaying muscles that address signs of double chin, puffy eyelids, lowered mouth corners, nr 11 between the eyebrows, sagging cheeks, etc.

The buccal massage follows; this deep tissue/ intra oral massage reverses the signs of aging without needles or surgical interventions. This technique requires real knowledge of the anatomical structures of the face, and the skill to work on each individual muscle. A nourishing mask packed with botanicals end the experience, and the results are immediate.

For more long lasting results we recommended a complete course of 8-10 procedures once a week, and then maintain the results, once a month.


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Credits: Julie Escamilla & Skincare Butik.


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