New Definition of Luxury

Today, luxury is more personal, intimate and individually defined. It is less about status symbols, and more about fulfilling a person’s desire to feel great and to feel special.

To us, luxury is about simplicity with the strength of authenticity and consistency. It is about providing quality services and offering quality brands that source quality ingredients. Having balance and harmony in life, mindfulness to be in the moment, and enjoying life is a luxury we wish for all.

Skincare Butik offers holistic spa treatments and products. With the highest respect for authenticity and quality, our products use only the best natural ingredients and technically-advanced products including phyto essences, essential oils (wild crafted and organic), minerals, herbal extracts, algae, marine elements, and wild-crafted mud.

Our guarantee is to provide high-quality safe and effective products and to offer skincare brands that use sustainable resources whenever possible and suitable.






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