Specialty Facials

Specialty Facials

Healthy aging treatments that integrate correcting skincare formulas in combination with professional dermabrasion, LED light, microcurrents, or galvanic energy to address the underlying causes associated with aging. Luxurious massage of feet and lower legs, hands and arms, shoulder and scalp are also incorporated in these innovative facial experiences.

  • Gua Sha Instant Lift Facial

    This ancient art use jade tools to stimulate gi, lymphatic drainage and improving circulation as botanical essences replenish skin. Tension is released, puffiness is reduced, and clarity is enhanced, leaving face, neck and décolleté visibly smoother, tighter and more radiant.

    60 min | $185.00
  • Holistic Facial

    Based on Ancient Eastern Medicine philosophies, a 4-point analysis of body temperature (both visibly and internally), energy levels, skin appearance, and skin conditions determine the products and facial movement techniques. The energy of Osmosis products paired with specific application techniques direct energy to heal the skin and body. Results are felt immediately, are visible and create a balanced well-being.

    • Calming Holistic Facial.
      Designed to calm heat by using ingredients and massage techniques involving light pressure and slow speed.
    • Stimulating Holistic Facial.
      Designed to increase circulation by using ingredients and massage techniques involving deep pressure and fast speed
    60 min | $185
  • Advanced Repair

    Customized to target specific skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, redness, congested skin, fine lines and premature aging. With this effective facial, the hands, face, neck and décolleté are treated with advanced formulas that even skin texture and tone.

    Recommended Skin Conditions: Hormonal, Hyperpigmented, Dehydrated

    80 min | $195
  • Fire & Ice Facial

    This resurfacing treatment uses medical-grade therapeutic masques and anti-inflammatory botanicals to clear skin, minimize pores, and reduce fine lines. You will feel the heat and ice as this famous IsClinical facial incorporates both active & soothing formulas which invoke aromas of warm cinnamon and brisk cool peppermint.

    60 min | $185.00
  • RevitaPen + Organic Facial Infusion

    RevitaPen is a non-invasive device with nano-sized sphere-shaped tips that create micro channels to super-charge ingredient delivery, provide gentle exfoliation and an instant collagen production increase. Organic Facial Infusion is a non-acid vitamin A peel that works within skin to stimulate cellular turnover, nourish, heal and treat the skin without any aggressive exfoliation.

    60 min | $200

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