Specialty Facials

Specialty Facials

Age-management facials that integrate holistic therapies and cosmeceutical-based skin care formulas with professional energy treatments and specialized modalities to address and correct the underlying causes associated with aging. Treatments can be slightly different each time for your ever-changing skin.


    We offer hyper customized BIOLOGIQUE-RECHERCHE treatments according to your skin instant. Your aesthetician will select the best suited booster and products designing a results driven personalized experience each time.

  • Sculptural Face Lifting Facial

    Sculptural face Lifting is performed without surgery and injections – by toning, strengthening and relaxing the basic facial muscles. The benefits of this technique are far reaching and go beyond just the skin. It includes 3 phases: Sculptural massage, buccal massage, calming masque. The results are immediate & permanent. For best results we recommended a complete course of 8-10 procedures, once a week, and then maintain results once a month.

    80 min | $200
  • Gua Sha ANDA Vital Facial

    This facial combines the land and the sea to breathe life into your skin. Using custom blended organic formulas, this facial will improve skin wellness and a sense of inner peace, self-love and confidence. The ancient Chinese art of Gua Sha uses natural stones to massage the skin deeply, stimulate energy, and increase lymphatic drainage and circulation. Emerge feeling empowered, beautiful, and vital as tension is released, puffiness reduced, and clarity enhanced.

    80 min | $195
  • Caviar Age-Defying Luxury Facial

    KERSTIN FLORIAN’s advanced luxury facial firms, tones, refines, and deeply hydrates with age-renewing benefits. It combines anti-aging Caviar proteins, rich Spirulina Algae, and a unique algae freeze-dried masque. You will be sent home with an intensively repairing ampoule to continue and increase facial results!

    80 min | $255
  • Urban Rescue Facial

    This corrective facial incorporates the high-tech component of LED light therapy, a unique exfoliating multi-acid peel, and ends with a calming moulding masque.

    80 min | $300
  • RevitaPen + Collagen Facial Infusion

    RevitaPen is a non-invasive device with nano-sized sphere-shaped tips that create micro channels to super-charge ingredient delivery, provide gentle exfoliation, and an instant collagen production increase together with the OSMOSIS Organic Facial Infusion. The non-acid vitamin A peel works within the skin to stimulate cellular turnover, nourish, heal and correct the skin without any aggressive exfoliation.

    60 min | $200
  • Fire & Ice Facial

    This famous isClinical facial combines medical-grade masques and anti-inflammatory botanicals to clear skin, minimize pores, and reduce fine lines. You will feel the hot and cool as this resurfacing facial incorporates both active and soothing formulas, invoking the aromas of warm cinnamon and brisk cool peppermint. Progressive peel with no downtime.

    60 min | $185
  • Organic Facial

    This customized Eminence Facial Treatment brings TLC to any skin tyoe and skin condition. Recommended to both women and men.
    *No extractions included.

    50 min | $145.00

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