Upgrade your service with one of these luxurious enhancements. A variety of add-on treatments are available at time of facial to further elevate the service and give your skin optimum results.

  • $45 Enhancements at time of any facial treatment

    Add-on one of these optional extras to any facial treatment for beautiful results. Talk to your esthetician at time of treatment and together decide what enhancement will best improve your current concerns.


    • Chitosan Masque
      A shellfish-based soothing and anti-inflammatory alginate mask that covers the eyes and lips. (Allergy Warning: Shellfish)
    • Brightening Facial Moulding Masque
      An illuminating and hydrating alginate mask that covers the eyes and lips.
    • Marine Biomatrix Sheet
      A unique freeze-dried algae masque that is rich in vitamins and trace elements to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin while visibly reducing fine lines. (Allergy Warning: Seaweed/Algae)
    • Co-Enzyme Q10 Ampoule
      A concentrated, powerhouse antioxidant that deeply nourishes the skin. Restores skin’s Co-Enzyme content and fights free radicals. Take this ampoule home with you after!
    • Vitamin C Ampoule
      This intensive natural treatment professionally brightens and delivers a powerful form of Vitamin C to the skin, clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Take this ampoule home with you after!
    • Intensive Repair Ampoule
      This concentrated treatment immediately and dramatically drenches the skin in moisture for improved skin texture, protection and smoothness. Take this ampoule home with you after!
    • PRO Multi-Acid Peel
      This exclusive multi-acid peel combines glycolic, lactic, phytic, and salicylic acids along with naturally-derived botanicals to achieve a safe, yet highly beneficial refining treatment.
    • RevitaPen
      A non-invasive micro channeling treatment that increase product absorption and offer long-term benefits for anyone suffering from fine lines, acne scars, hyper pigmentation or dehydrated skin.
    • Acu-Lift Facial Massage
      A unique facial lifting technique + 16-point acupressure for improved tone and elasticity.
    • Gua Sha Face
      An anti- inflammatory and immune boosting/protective treatment that stimulates micro-circulation to the tissue, loosens up facia that causes strain on the muscles and removes toxic Qi out of the body through the skin.
    • NuFACE
      Microcurrents to improve facial contour and reduce wrinkles.
    • Gua Sha Body
      Used in traditional Chinese medicine, the practice involves scraping a flat tool of natural stone over the skin. Gua Sha relaxes the muscles, relives pain and boosts circulation by up to 400%.
    • Dry Brush Body
      Detoxifying ritual that works on lymphatic system to remove toxins from just under the skin and stimulates a healthy rush of fresh blood.
    • Indian Head Massage
      Relieves aches, pains and tension in the neck, shoulders, and head.
    • Shirodhara Scalp Treatment
      A form of Ayurveda therapy that gently pours antioxidant-rich oils over the forehead and through the hair.
    • BLT Hand Treatment
      Brighten, lighten & tightens the skin on hands and arms.


    15 min | $ 45
  • $100 Enhancements at time of any facial treatment

    • Microdermabrasion: exfoliate, renew
    • Dermaplaning: resurface, smooth
    • Led Light Therapy: repair, heal
    • Micronized Current: lift, firm
  • $125 Enhancements at time of any facial treatment

    • Organic Facial Infusion: non-Acid, vitamin A peel
    • DermaPeel: smoothing, nourishing
    • Oxygen Infusion: plumping, hydrating
    • LumiLift: repairing, lifting
    • DermaSweep: exfoliate, nourishing
  • Treat your Feet

    TLC for your feet during any service:

    • Foot Accu-Flex Key pressure points are stimulated using the energy meridians that begin at the head and end at the feet. Various techniques are used: holds, pressure points, kneading, rotation and massage.
    • Foot Aromatherapy Hot towels pre-cleanse the feet, followed by an invigorating scrub. A rejuvenating foot and lower leg massage finishes off this luxurious foot treatment.
    • Foot Reflexology massage address countless pressure points that are utilized in balancing the health of your whole body.
    • Foot Peel effectively removes layers of unwanted dead skin cells built up and will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot.

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