Signature Facials

Signature Facials

Result-oriented spa facials for women and men. Clean and nourishing ingredients provide a holistic, sensory experience with long lasting results. Includes the celebrated Kerstin Florian facial massage techniques that will elevate skincare to an experience, restore clarity and re-energize skin. An at home program will be provided that address your skin type and concerns to promote healthier skin.

  • Essential House Facial

    Our customized house facial, perfect for everyone! This facial is designed to meet your skin’s specific needs. Products and techniques are chosen to fit your skin’s type and current concerns. An at home program will be provided that address your concerns to promote healthier skin.


    Choose this facial if you are looking for a:


    • Deep Cleansing Facial
      Recommended for all first timers. A deep cleansing and skin purifying treatment that includes extractions.
    • Gentlemen’s Facial
      Deep cleansing and therapeutic, designed specifically for male skin.
    • Mommy-To-Be Facial
      Relaxing and all natural, a safe facial for expectant mothers.
    • Ageless Antioxidant Facial
      Oxygenating and all natural, this treatment is guaranteed to fortify, rejuvenate, and renew aging skin.
  • Correcting House Facial

    Some skin conditions need a little more help! The Correcting facial is designed to target and correct hyperpigmentation, mild to severe acne, sensitivities, and pre-mature aging. Based on your current skin condition, our esthetician will choose the right protocol for you!


    • Advanced Repair
      Recommended Skin Condition: Pre-Mature Aging, Hormonal, Dry/Dehydrated Skin.
    • Brightening
      Recommended Skin Conditions: Hyperpigmentation.
    • Clear complexion
      Recommended Skin Conditions: Mild to Severe Acne, Hormonal, Oily/Combination Skin.
    • Sensitive Skin
      Recommended Skin Conditions: Rosacea, Sensitivity.
    Deluxe - 80 min | $195
  • Ultimate House Facial

    Our best of the best facials. These facials include a combination of classic, holistic facial techniques with specialized technologies and dermabrasions to help address and correct the underlying causes associated with aging. These cutting edge, ageless treatments are good for all skin conditions and will deliver immediate results with zero downtime.
    Choose from:


    • Ultimate Energy
      Microdermabrasion safely exfoliates the skin and a skin-tightening LumiLift treatment helps with collagen production and improve firmness. Perfect for skin lacking elasticity.
    • Ultimate Smoothing
      Dermaplaning removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz while correcting and therapeutic LED light therapy relieves redness, pigmentation, and inflammation associated with aging.
    • Ultimate Youth
      This facial guarantees that youthful-glow! Dermal Infusion exfoliates, extracts, and enriches the skin with powerful customized infusions while LED light therapy corrects redness, pigment, and signs of aging.
    • Ultimate High-Tech
      This facial combine three high-tech treatments, Microdermabrasion, LumiLift, and Oxygen, to deeply hydrate, add volume, refine facial features, and tighten and lift the skin.

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