Technology treatments

Technology treatments

High-tech facial treatments including led and microcurrent energies that works in harmony with the body’s natural energy to target the underlying causes and factors associated with aging, addressing all layers of the skin for visible results.

  • LumiLift Treatment

    This one-of-a-kind ageless treatment uses a trio of energy technologies to restore clarity and re-energize skin. LED light therapy, micro currents, and galvanic currents eliminate puffiness, fine lines, creases, and restore a more youthful skin. Micro and galvanic currents lift and tone the facial muscles, as well as increase collagen production.
    For best results purchase as a series of 6.

    80 min | $175
  • Lumi Facial / LED Light

    LED light therapy addresses many different skin conditions in one treatment! Acne, uneven pigment, sun damage, chronic redness, dull skin, lack of elasticity and slow cell rejuvenation are all targeted. LED light is used to prompt the skin’s fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastic deep within the dermis.

    50 min | $155
  • Lift Facial/ Micronized Current

    Like a day at the gym for your face! Micronized currents have the ability to lift and firm facial muscles, drain the lymphatic system, boost cellular activity, and improve product absorption. Tired and drooping muscles? Lift them back into their youthful shape as the currents re-educate and firm!
    For best results purchase as a series of 6.

    50 min | $155
  • Oxygen Facial Infusion Treatment

    Oxygen will help to instantly maximize skin hydration and volume! Each treatment includes a customized infusion to meet your skin’s needs and provide instant and dramatic improvement you can see and feel. Intraceuticals Oxygen facials use multi-weight hyaluronic acid and age-defying actives delivered directly to the deeper layers of the skin.

    Your esthetician will customize your treatment using one of seven Intraceuticals infusions:

    • Rejuvenate
      Your skin will look younger, luminously radiant, plump, hydrated, and lit from within.
    • Opulence
      Perfect for dehydrated, uneven skin tones. Opulence infusions contain vitamin C and skin-brightening ingredients to keep your skin radiant and glowing!
    • Antioxidant
      Exceptionally powerful natural antioxidants derived from the Australian Rainforest, tired, dull and weary skin have no chance against this infusion!
    • Vitamin A
      A new “release on demand” form of Vitamin A to promote anti-aging, reduce irritation, and increase product absorption. Combine with an Atoxylene infusion for the perfect age-reversing treatment.
    • Vitamin C
      Strengthening and protecting Vitamin C for healthy, even skin. Targets premature aging, irregular skin tones, and sun damage. Too much fun in the sun? Vitamin C!
    • Collagen
      Seeing a lack of volume or a thinning of the skin? This infusion will increase collagen production using a potent cocktail of collagen-messenger peptides.
    • Atoxylene Infusion
      A natural alternative to Botox™, targets fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead and will extend the life of Botox and fillers.

    For long term results, purchase as a series of 3 or 6

    50 min | $175
  • Oxygen Atoxylene Combo Infusion

    Take your Oxygen Facials a step further with this age-reversing additional infusion: Atoxylene. This facial combines Atoxylene and one other oxygen infusion for ultimate age-defying results.

    60 min | $225

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