Technology treatments

Technology treatments

High-tech facial treatments including led and microcurrent energies that works in harmony with the body’s natural energy to target the underlying causes and factors associated with aging, addressing all layers of the skin for visible results.

  • Oxylight Ionix Facial

    This ultimate hightech, uber luxe facial offers a little bit of everything—diamond dermabrasion, oxygen with negative ions, LED light therapy, ultrasound, radio frequency and microcurrents—for a total skin transformation that’s just as effective as it is relaxing. Harnessing the potent benefits of currents, light, oxygen and negative ions, the OxyLight Facial combines six non-invasive technologies into one comprehensive treatment that reduces the major signs of aging with zero recovery time. This state of the art treatment is considered “a complete workout for the skin”.

    90 min | $525
  • Oxylight Sapphire Treatment

    Like a day at the gym for your face! Non-invasive energy technologies have the ability to tone, lift and firm facial muscles, drain the lymphatic system, boost cellular activity, and improve product absorption. Tired and drooping muscles? Lift them back into their youthful shape as these currents will re-educate and tighten! Customized to your needs, two of the following will rejuvenate and repair your skin:

    • Myolight microcurrent therapy lifts skin and improves muscle tone.
    • Biosonic ultrasound therapy tightens skin.
    • Thermatone radio-frequency therapy stimulates collagen and densifies the skin.
    • Oxygen atomizing spray infuses skin with vitamins and serums.
    • Ionix LED Light targets sagging skin, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, enlarged pores, and lymphatic drainage.
    50 min | $175
  • LED Light Treatment

    LED light therapy addresses many different skin conditions in one treatment! Acne, uneven pigment, sun damage, chronic redness, dull skin, lack of elasticity and slow cell rejuvenation are all targeted. LED light is used to prompt the skin’s fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastic deep within the dermis.

    50 min | $175
  • Intraceuticals Essential Oxygen Treatment

    This skin quenching Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment includes a derma peel exfoliation and provides the ultimate in intense hydration.

    50 min | $175
  • Intraceuticals Ultimate Anti-Aging Oxygen Treatment

    This is the treatment that everyone is talking about – the ultimate
    in skin rejuvenation and instant visible results! The essential + a “notox botox” Atoxelene treatment’s natural amino peptides and botanical extracts that instantly firm, lift and plump your skin for a dramatically reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    (this treatment takes the same amount of time as the Essential Treatment but includes two ampules together and the results are next level!! See before and after pictures here!)

    50 min | $225
  • Intraceuticals Platinum Anti-Aging & Decolletage Oxygen Treatment

    This is the Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment that goes one step further – we will also be treating the often-neglected decolletage with a pro peel exfoliation, nourishing vitamins, peptides and lightening brightening ampules. This triple glow super hydrating treatment is truly la piece de resistance!

    80 min | $300

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