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5 star customer service in Corpus Christi

5 star customer service in Corpus  Christi

Our Spa Operations Manager, Jessica Candy, was recently selected to be a part of Pulse magazine.

Below is an abstract of the “The Making of an All Star” article.




Do what you do so well they will want to see it again and bring their friends. Although Walt Disney was probably talking about the movies and amusement parks he created when he said this, you could easily apply his sentiment to the spa industry. After all, spa is about more than just the treatments on the menu, it is about meeting the needs of your guests, so they’ll want to come back or share their experience. Most spa professionals already do this.

However, what if you did more than just meet the needs of your guests? What if every customer interaction exceeded their expectations? In February’s ISPA Snapshot Survey, we asked respondents to nominate a customer service all-star within their organization who stood out as a champion of customer experience. These eight spa professionals come from different jobs and backgrounds, but all have one thing in common. For them, customer service isn’t just part of their job, it is their job, and they do that job so well, guests are coming back and bringing friends. So, we asked these all-stars to spill their secrets for achieving customer service gold.

Jessica Candy
Spa Operations Manager
Skincare Butik

“Without our customers, we would have no spa. Customer service throughout the spa is essential to success and growth” notes Jessica Candy, Spa Operations Manager at Skincare Butik in Corpus Christi, Texas.

With that in mind, Candy focuses on customer care rather than customer service, striving to make each guest feel a sense of warmth and welcome. “A spa can be an intimidating experience for many, especially first-time clients, so putting them at ease is key to retaining customers long term. At Skincare Butik, we value our reputation as a skin education center, so earning, gaining and keeping trust is key.”

Skincare Butik’s Owner, Catharina Pehrson, raves about how invaluable Candy’s outlook on customer care is to the spa saying, “She has been with us for 18 months, and she has made a significant difference. If only we could clone her!” The difference comes from Candy’s ability to create a company culture that focuses on delivering the best customer experience possible.

Recently, Candy’s team planned an in-home spa party for a customer’s special event. When the customer suddenly came down with the flu, the team was all hands on deck to prepare the small spa for the large event. Candy’s team was dedicated to making the customer experience unforgettable— even when things didn’t go as planned. “The end result was beyond her expectations. Even without her there to coordinate, her guests raved to her about how wonderful it was. She even came into the Butik when she was feeling better and thanked me in person saying that she may even want to host in-spa in the future.”

An expectation and culture of customer service excellence results in happy and loyal clients every time. “How customer service is conveyed begins at the top and funnels down to the team members on the front lines,” adds Candy. “For excellent customer service to be delivered from top to bottom, you must have a culture that puts emphasis on its importance with clear expectations and goals.”

TIP: Be a closer

“The ability to properly close a customer interaction is crucial. After a treatment guests should always be genuinely asked how their service went, if there is anything else you or your staff can do for them and let it be known you’re here to make them happy. Always look for small opportunities to show your customers you truly care and exceed their expectations. not everyone will communicate when something is bothering them, often because you may not have communicated that you care. When a customer service interaction is properly closed, you will have shown the customer that you care about getting it right, you’re willing to keep going until you get it right, and that the customer is the one who determines what right is.”

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Credit: Pulse magazine


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