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Gua Sha Instant Lift Facial

Gua Sha Instant Lift Facial

Ancient beauty ritual meets modern skincare for instantly younger-looking skin.

The ancient art of Gua Sha meets luxurious ageless skincare to leave your complexion visibly firm, contoured and glowing. Specialized massage techniques using genuine jade tools improve circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and release toxins to enhance skin’s natural hydration level. Fascia is released, puffiness is reduced, and clarity is enhanced, leaving skin, neck and décolleté smoother, tighter and more radiant.

Facial Gua Sha has been practiced for over 3,000 years and we are proud to now offer this treatment due to its dramatic benefits to skin health. Increased microcirculation, promoting healthy Chi in the face, working on the fascia – all this results in smooth, clear, vibrant skin.

Gua Sha is good for all skin types: addressing aging skin by smoothing wrinkles, increasing circulation, and bringing better color, oxygen and nutrients to the skin. It addresses acneic or congested skin by aiding in detoxification, stimulating lymphatic and helping to rid the skin of impurities. It also addresses inflammatory conditions with the movements and the Yin/Yang energy of the Jade promotes cooling and draws heat out of the skin which is one of the main reasons we use white Jade over many other forms of gemstones.

Our unique Gua Sha treatment is all about the sensory experience + amazing results utilizing our Kerstin Florian Skincare Line and Nefeli Gua Sha technique and jade tool. It begins with our exclusive 16-point acupressure exercise on the face, followed by warming the muscle with massage using organic facial oils then moving directly into the Gua Sha protocol. Therapists and guests go into a very meditative state due to the Jade relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system.

It is so impressive to work on one side of the face and see what a difference it makes instantly. We then continue to nourish and masque the face, ending with a lymphatic massage using a Jade Roller. This not only seals in the active ingredients but soothes, calms and promotes lymphatic drainage. The skin is left absolutely radiant with instant results.

Part of our company culture is to use the spa setting as an educational center for wellness along with looking and feeling better. We offer lessons on Gua Sha for home care – a brief tutorial so guests can pair it with Kerstin Florian’s nourishing facial oils and continue to practice and see results at home. Gua Sha is also a cumulative treatment, you can do it 2-3 times per week, or more if you would like. Our at home Gua Sha routine is very simple (1-2 minutes) but the guests will definitely see the immediate and cumulative results.


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