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Here Comes Your Man (Rugged Skin Facial)

Here Comes Your Man (Rugged Skin Facial)

Happy Valentines Day! Today one of our aestheticians, Janelle Rivera, reminds us to not forget about the men in our lives, they need TLC & facials as well! : If we’re being honest the world does not always love men the way they deserve. Self care and self love seem to be a big topic among women lately, but that doesn’t always extend to men. Men are often looked down on for taking time to themselves and not being rough and ragged daily. Truth is the world expects a lot from men and in most cases gives very little back to them. It’s time to change that. Men deserve to be cared for too. Now this doesn’t have to be a feminine thing it is just simply self care.


Like Fine Wine

While we can agree that most men do age like a fine wine that is not always the case for their skin.  In the long run their skin isn’t really getting the nourishment it needs.  Being that men tend to have thicker skin they are more prone to looking leathery if not properly cared for. Pores are larger in men and if they arent properly cleaned out could end up stretching the actual pore size. Lets be real no one wants to look like leather with dirty enlarged pores.


Men’s Facials

Men’s facials can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. If you have no real concerns for your skin other than wanting to clean it out then your esthetician will do just that. If you do have concerns your esthetician can address these concerns. If you aren’t sure if you have concerns or not see an esthetician anyway. We have a great Men’s Rugged Facial that is completely customized to you. There is absolutely no excuse to be crusty! See the girls at Skincare Butik to tailor-make your skin game plan.


3 in 1

I know most men use the same wash for hair, face, and body and truthfully that sounds like a dream come true to women. This however doesn’t address the individual needs of skin. Luckily for the minimalist man there are skincare products that address more than one concern. There are products that can be used in beards, or as after shave. One of my favorite products for men comes from our Osmosis line it’s a cleanser called Deep Clean. Its the perfect to wash off the day of hard work. It gets a deeper cleanse than your regular daily cleanser and helps to balance out excess oil production. Follow that up with our Hydra Cool Serum from IS Clinical for a lightweight, soothing moisturizer. Hydra cool is a gel so it doesn’t feel heavy or oily. It has soothing properties as well which makes it perfect as an after shave. That could be a simple yet effective routine or you can always add more products. These are things to discuss with your esthetician. Not all products are overly hydrating. Lets retire those 3 in 1 washes for good.
Remember to be kind to yourself. All you need is Love!
Credits: Janelle Rivera, aesthetician at Skincare Butik.


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