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How To Reduce The Look Of Melasma Or “Pregnancy Mask”

How To Reduce The Look Of Melasma Or “Pregnancy Mask”

With pregnancy come plenty of unanticipated changes, especially when it comes to your skin. When you’re expecting, skyrocketing hormones can deliver a variety of unwelcome skin conditions – and if that pregnancy “glow” you were promised has been overshadowed by puzzling pigmentation, you’re not alone. According to Parents magazine, more than 50% of moms-to-be experience darkening around the upper lip, cheeks and forehead during pregnancy. If splotchy skin and a speckled complexion have you perplexed, Eminence Organics Bright Skin Collection is here to help.


The patches of discoloration that appear during pregnancy are known as melasma, or “pregnancy mask”. Typically materializing around the mouth, cheeks and forehead, these splashes of pigmentation emerge early on in pregnancy and often fade after delivery.

When pregnancy hormones spike, they can trigger an increase in melanin production – the substance that gives our hair, eyes and skin their color. As a result, existing freckles and moles become more pronounced and new spots surface, leaving the expectant mom with a mottled and uneven looking complexion.



Eminence Organics Bright Skin Collection harnesses the power of organic ingredients and botanical extracts – like brightening licorice root and balancing stone crop- to reduce the look of dark spots and discoloration. Together, these results-oriented ingredients help to reveal that coveted pregnancy glow and an enviable, even looking complexion.

One new mom who struggled with melasma (unabashedly calling herself a “freckle monster”) found Eminence Bright Skin Targeted Treatment particularly effective in reducing the appearance of dark spots on her face. She says of her skin now: “The treatment worked so well that I just don’t have the problem anymore. There isn’t the littlest bit. It’s gone.”



While many treatments target melasma and skin discoloration with harmful hydroquinone, Eminence Organics stays true to their organic and Biodynamic philosophy by taking a more natural approach to skin care.

Our Natural Hydroquinone Alternative is made from African potato and tara tree to brighten the appearance of skin without the use of dangerous chemicals. Infused with organically grown Swiss alpine plants, Eminence Organics Giga white ™gives the skin an extra boost of brightness to reduce the look of dark spots, naturally. Hello, pregnancy glow!

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Credits: Skincarebutik and Eminence Organics Skin Care

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