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Make a skin glowing holiday smoothie for your loved ones.

Make a skin glowing holiday smoothie for your loved ones.

Kimberly Snyder is one of my favorite blogger/writers. She explains the connection about inner health and outer beauty, and the relation between nutrition and wellness like nobody else. Below is one of her posts, including a wonderful recipe for a Holiday Apple Pear Smoothie, hope you enjoy it as much as i did!

One of the most special gifts to embrace this time of year is being grateful and getting together with our loved ones. Why not give these special ones a gift that will not only nourish their insides but will help give them a boost (they probably didn’t realize they needed), on the outside.

Holiday Apple Pear Smoothie Recipe is a great way to show your love for your family and friends, and your love for the holiday spirit- without compromising on your beauty routines.

Beauty Fruit: Apples
Apples may seem like a basic, everyday fruit to you, but I personally love them just the same. They are deliciously juicy and an incredible beauty food. It would be a huge disservice to your body and your health to avoid this fruit!

Here’s one reason why: Apples have a special type of soluble dietary fiber called pectin that is particularly cleansing to your inner system, which ultimately is outwardly beautifying.

Because our small intestine doesn’t absorb fiber during digestion, it goes to the colon where it promotes the growth of good bacteria and also turns into other helpful compounds that circulate back throughout your body.

In addition, apples have been linked to lowering cholesterol levels, aiding weight loss, and providing antioxidants to the brain as we age gracefully.

When preparing any recipe with apples, just remember that green apples are lower in sugar than red apples and can be substituted in this recipe, if you desire. And, to get the most out of apples, try to keep the skin on, since it contains half of the fiber content and many of the polyphenols.

Buy organic whenever possible and be sure to give apples a good scrubbing to remove the majority of pesticides on the produce you buy. Your gut and overall wellbeing will work at its best when you treat it well- with pesticide-free beauty foods!

Beauty Fruit: Pears
Talk about options…there are almost 3000 varieties of pears found across the world!

The choices are endless when it comes to choosing pears. No need to worry about missing out on nutrients when choosing any of these guys- they all are packed with tons of health benefits.

Having trouble with your memory? Got you covered! In just one medium-sized pear there is about 15% of our daily recommended copper requirement (an essential mineral required for a healthy central nervous system). These copper ions affect the component that is responsible for making the neural synapses stronger or weaker, and this change can affect our ability to learn, and remember. Concerned you’re not getting all your vitamins in? Check out this list: Pears are packed with vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, and K.

Wish you had softer more supple skin? You guessed it! Pears help prevent fluctuation of sugar spikes with their fiber rich nutrients, escaping damage to collagen (which is a protein that keeps your skin looking its best!).

In addition, pears are low in fat, low in calories and contain minerals like, calcium, iron, chromium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. If you’re unable to buy all organic, try to add pears to your list of beauty foods you purchase in the organic version as well.

It’s time to share the love of this recipe and fuel our bodies with all these amazing beauty properties!

Holiday Apple Pear Smoothie Recipe
• 2 red apples, deseeded and cubed
• 1 pear, deseeded and cubed
• 1 cup coconut water
• A sprinkle of cinnamon
• A sprinkle of cardamom

1. Add all of the ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth.
2. Serve and enjoy!

Credit/Author: Kimberly Snyder

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