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Time Management – Finding the balance

Time Management – Finding the balance

Being that we are all inside and working from home these days, time management has never been more important. For me, transitioning from being a full time esthetician to a full time stay at home mom has had its challenges, but I am still working on getting it right. Whether you’re balancing a full time job and children, or a full time job and life itself, its important to find the balance that best suits you and your needs.


Skin Care

It’s important to look at skin care as a necessity and not luxury. Your skin is a large organ; why wouldn’t it be a necessity to care for it? Thinking of skincare as a basic need will make it easier into incorporating it into your daily routine. It doesn’t always have to be a lengthy routine. Sweet and simple will do most days. For example, rinse your face, brush your teeth, tone your skin, apply facial oil and then an SPF, if you are planning on walking outside at some point. If time allows when winding down at night you can then add more thorough steps into your routine. You can exfoliate, apply your favorite serum or mask to sleep in. We offer at home facial kits to make it easier for you. Have a glass of wine, or your choice of drink and treat yourself.



There will be days where we all struggle internally. We constantly go back and forth with ourselves wondering if we are being productive enough, are we doing enough housework vs. actual work, or are we giving the kids enough of our attention.. Sometimes these thoughts consume us and we end up maybe not doing much of anything. It’s important to be mindful with yourself. Don’t be too demanding, and do what you can.  Keeping a time management journal may help with this. It helps to be present and hold ourselves accountable. A visual guide of how your day went may give you some insight on how to work more, or even knowing when you do need to rest. All in all, if you got up with a good intention in your heart and did your best, then you flourished.


Diet/ Excercise

This can look completely different for each individual. If you have the time, this an a amazing opportunity to cook all the healthy meals you may not have had the chance to while working a full time schedule. For some of us who still don’t have the time, try drinking a green juice. Make it yourself, or buy it locally. It’s important now more than ever to intake greens.

Exercising doesn’t always mean full on weights, cardio, etc.,although if you can, it’s a great time to get outside and responsibly soak up Vitamin D while doing so.

If that option is not available, try waking up a few minutes earlier to sit and meditate in bed, or grab a comfortable seat by your favorite window in the house. Just be at peace for 5 minutes or so. Clearing your mind will help you tackle the day. While seated do a couple of seated stretches. There are several asanas to practice while sitting that help with physical and mental strength.

Throughout the day, I also find it helpful to just do a few, really deep belly breaths. It always bring me right back to this moment, to check in how I feel, it help to focus on the goals I mapped out for the day, and it allows me to make adjustments accordingly to a schedule that might have been a bit to ambitious at times.


Be kind and be well

Credits: Janelle Rivera, aesthetician at Skincare Butik.

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