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5 tips for a summer with a youthful-looking glow!

5 tips for a summer with a youthful-looking glow!

Summer—the perfect time to reveal your skin’s healthiest glow.

summertipsBelow are Kerstin Florian’s 5 best summer tips!

  1. Bright & Beautiful — Ready to look your brightest this summer? Add more cucumbers to your diet! They contain key antioxidants to boost collagen and elastin, keeping you looking radiant.
  2. Cooling Mineral Soak — For the ultimate beneficial cool-down, draw a cool bath with Mineral Wellness Soak, adding Lavender Bath & Body Oil for extra moisture and relaxing aromatherapy. Your body will “drink up” the minerals, feeling nourished and relaxed. Finish with mists of Lavender Body Spray —a must-have relief after too much sun exposure.
  3. Fresh Feet — With sandal season in full swing, keep your feet looking and feeling their best. Use a moisturizing exfoliator like Turkish Body Scrub for an instant at-home pedicure. Follow with invigorating Fuß Balm with Menthol, Rosemary, Pine and Lavender for a refreshing pick-me-up. Rub into legs and any sore muscles for on-the-spot relief.
  4. Glow on the Go — Getting your heart pumping with a quick 10-minute workout or walk up the stairs can get your blood flowing and bring a natural flush of color to your skin. And for a professional glow on the go, a sweep of Brightening Body Peel pre-moistened cloths provide quick exfoliation for immediate results.
  5. Dare to Bare — Show off a natural-looking tan and a sun-kissed glow with award-winning Sunless Tan. Keep that golden, just-back-from-the-beach look fresh and hydrated with Aloe Gel. Organic Aloe Vera and sea-derived vitamins and minerals nourish, sooth and protect your skin.

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Credit:  Kerstin Florian International.


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