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Are you Multi-Masking?

Are you Multi-Masking?

Why tackle one skin issue when you can tackle them all at the same time, and look like a warrior princess while doing it!  Check out these “multi-masking” tips that will improve your skincare health instantly.

  • T-ZONE
    Osmosis Pore Minimizing Clay Mask is the perfect tool to use for a combination/oily t-zone area. It is a non-drying clay based mask which balances and detoxifies the skin. Using ingredients like Kaolin and Bentonite Clay to help refine the skin’s texture and smooth out larger pores. The Pore Minimizing Clay Mask also contains Argan Oil that is sebum regulating oil perfect for controlling oil in this area of the face.
    The forehead and cheeks are an area of the face that can be most affected by the damaging rays of the sun and free radicals. Try Osmosis Repair Healing Mask that dramatically heal and calm inflamed and irritated skin. With a unique combination of repair promoting ingredients this mask not only soothes wounded and inflamed skin but also encourages barrier repair and wrinkle prevention for smoother, more even skin.
  • NECK
    The neck can unfortunately be one of the most obvious indicators of age. Counter this by giving your neck all of the loving care it needs with a different kind of anti-aging mask. Osmosis Hydralift Firming Gel Mask encourages hydrating and firming in the skin while providing soothing and calming benefits as well from ingredients like cucumber and aloe the skin is plumped refreshed and has a more youthful appearance.
  • LIPS
    The lips are an area most often neglected when it comes to skincare. Don’t leave them out! For dry, dehydrated and damaged lips give FACE Stockholm Lip Exfoliator and Lip Treatment a try.  During the day protect them with Kerstin Florian’s lip balm sfp 15 and your lips will thank you without even having to make a sound.
  • FACE
    Remember to exfoliate weekly as well.  Osmosis Polish is an exfoliating enzyme mask for face and neck that gives the skin a healthy appearance with each application through the use of cranberry enzymes and L-lactic Acid that leaves skin firm, smooth and radiant.

Add exfoliation, masques and nourishing oil treatments 1-3 times a week to your skincare regimen and watch your skin transform.

Stop by Skincare Butik and ask us what exfoliants, masks and oils are best for your skin condition.

Credit: Osmosis Skincare


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