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Get clear skin confidence this season

Get clear skin confidence this season

Schedule a clear skin facial today! Clear skin consistently ranks at the top of the skin “wish list” – with breakouts, congestion and dullness all too often getting in the way. While sometimes it is hard to pinpoint the cause of these unwanted skin concerns, finding gentle and effective products to treat them naturally shouldn’t be. Fortunately, our Clarifying Collection has just what your skin is wishing for: a simple 3-step regimen to put it on the road to being naturally clear, smooth and healthy.

Starting with the right cleanser is a must. Make sure you’re not using one that is too drying as this will further irritate the skin, or one that is too moisturizing as it can inhibit cell turnover – both of which can contribute to future breakouts and dullness. Our new Clarifying Mineral Enzyme Cleanser is the perfect choice. This all-natural formula features copper, manganese, and zinc to diminish inflammation and enhance elasticity; mango and papaya enzymes to boost cell turnover and smooth texture; and a blend of, spirulina, sea lettuce and triphala to support immune response and mitigate oil overproduction. Look no further than this refreshing, clean-rinsing formula to naturally remove impurities, balance moisture levels and encourage cell respiration for overall improved skin function and texture.

Next comes toning. Clarifying Probiotic Mineral Tonic is further proof that probiotics aren’t just in yogurt anymore. This regulating formula detoxifies, balances and brightens with a powerful blend of fruit extracts, minerals, and botanicals, while protective probiotic lactobacillus ferment optimizes the skin’s microbiome by supporting skin-healthy microorganisms and suppressing those that can cause harm. So don’t forget to tone – your pores will thank you!

Last but not least, moisturize! Even if you live in constant humidity or you always get your recommended eight glasses of water a day, your skin always needs the quenching action of a moisturizer day and night. This not only reinforces your skin’s ability to retain moisture but also helps protect against external elements it faces daily. Clarifying Daily Hydrator’s lightweight formula balances, hydrates and protects skin as it minimizes oil overproduction and regulates shine. Powerful antioxidants provide superior protection from free radicals and help reinforce the skin matrix; raspberry plant cell culture promotes cell regeneration and protects from oxidative stress; and peptides help repair age-related damage, fortify the skin barrier and smooth fine lines.

Credits: Kerstin Florian.

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