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Detoxifying Mineral Bath

Detoxifying Mineral Bath

I usually take baths 2 times a week or whenever I feel my body needs it.  However, 3-4 times a year I make time in my daily routine to take a detoxifying mineral bath every day for 10 days.In Europe it is commonly know as a Kur, an intensive 10-20 day series of treatments. Mineral salts beneficial powers have been used as a therapeutic tool since ancient times.

Minerals and trace elements are integral components of the human body and play an important role in the skeletal structure, our internal physio-chemical composition our cellular make up and act as catalysts for metabolic reactions. Cells are the smallest life units and they require nutrients to perform their functions. It’s the right balance that makes them healthy. The minerals in salts penetrate the skin and enter the cells through osmosis to give the nutrients.

A 10 day Mineral Bath Kur will ensure the cells get totally saturated and blood tests have shown the plasma with an increase in nutrients from the baths day by day from day 1 to day 10.

The benefit of a mineral baths is that there are so many different trace elements, and trace elements are necessary for the cells to function properly.  I always look for magnesium, a stress reliever that calm the nervous system (it is the hardest to find), calcium (strengthens bones) and sodium, a powerful detoxifying agent that helps cells retain nourishment an expel waste.  Sodium also regulates water and hydration in certain tissues of the body.

During the detox bath kur I always make an effort to eat sensible and get 8 hours of sleep to get the maximum benefit and once the kur is done I just maintain the result with a mineral bath 1-2 times/ week.

I never bathe if I have a fever and keep in mind that too hot baths put a strain on the circulatory system.  And if I have a cold or the flu I just take a nice footbath instead!

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