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Five ways to make your skin brighter!

Five ways to make your skin brighter!

With spring break just around the corner and lots of other events and parties coming up, our winter pale skin will soon be bared! Most of us want to show off a healthy, smooth complexion with a beautiful even skin tone and wonder what to do when discoloration, age spots, and blotchy skin are more visible than ever?! There are a lot of natural resources and new products that will address the melanin formation within the skin and I prefer gentle, non invasive yet effective options.

Five ways to make your skin brighter:

  1. Some of you have already received the new Brightening Facial that include the Brightening Facial Masque with luminous rice that immediately give a brighter, even skin tone.
  2. I suggest a series of Lumi Facial pigment treatments (LED light) 1-2 times a week over a period of time that will address old damage.
  3. Home products with skin-lightening properties that are applied on a daily basis is a very important part of the brightening process. I am really excited about Kerstin Florian’s latest launch the Brightening Facial Treatment. This serum combines a powerful blend of clinically proven skin-illuminating botanicals* that synergistically work to restore clarity and visibly fade dark spots. Expect improved radiance as continued use helps to inhibit melanin production, deliver brightness to dull, uneven skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. For a natural looking tan I love Kerstin Florian’s award winning Sunless Tan with shea butter and use it 1-2 times/week to even out the tone and soften the skin. Super easy to use and gives a beautiful tone on face and body.
  5. ALWAYS wear sunscreen and apply to face, décolletage, arms and hands. My favorite is Kerstin Florian Sun protection spf 30 for face and body.

*Some of the amazing ingredients in Brightening Facial Treatment include red algae and brassica napus extract (for skin pigmentation); skin-lightening peptides, Chinese mushrooms (reducing redness and irritation), Kombuchka (black tea ferment that is smoothing and improves the appearance of skin texture and reduces the negative effects of sugars on collagen that weaken the skin structure); Vitamin C (helps to boost collagen production, enhance skin’s structural support and prevent age spots); and Chlorella, a super nutrient green algae (containing high levels of skin-benefiting vitamins and omega-3 acids. Other ingredients include turmeric root, bitter orange oil and sodium hyaluronate. (Credit Charlene Florian)

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