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Sharing experiences that involve skin health, ageless beauty and total well-being.

Welcome to Cattha’s Healthy Skin Blog

Welcome to Cattha’s Healthy Skin Blog

Thanks so much for visiting my Healthy Skin Blog and for your interest…  Here I will share with you my spa living lifestyle, knowledge and experiences that involve total well-being, health and beauty.

While giving facial treatments I often get questions about how I eat, my exercise routine and skin care regimen, books I’ve read and what I’ve been up to since last month’s treatment.  With regular updates I will offer my best holistic skin care and lifestyle tips, skin health facts and articles, share experiences and fun activities about spa living.

My passion for skincare and interest in aging gracefully comes from a combination of my upbringing in Sweden and from over 20 years of work as an aesthetician.  The experience and knowledge about spa therapies that I built on my travels around the world have also inspired me a lot.

I am a true believer that inner health and well being reflects in outer beauty and overall skin health.  I look forward to sharing my spa living lifestyle with you. 



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