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Correct skin imbalances with Acupressure massage

Correct skin imbalances with Acupressure massage

Experience the acupressure point massage in our deluxe treatments. I love it because the acupressure point massage is combined with a breathing exercise that enhances your skin from the inside out with pure oxygen and it immediately improves the way you look and feel. Not only does it relax facial muscles; the breathing exercise oxygenate body and mind, get the blood circulation going and boost the lymphatic system.

My favorite time to do this acupressure/breathing exercise is in bed, morning and/or night, with one of Kerstin’s beautiful organic face oils.  It is a mindful way to begin or end the day providing clarity and focus; it drains away any water retention or puffiness from the face and it gives me a good night sleep.

Also try this acupressure/breathing exercise while soaking in a bath; get double benefits with the fresh, antiseptic Eucalyptus bath with pine from Kerstin Florian as it clear sinuses, congestion and make breathing easier.

Do it yourself by following these Acupressure Facial Exercise directions. The good thing is that you can’t overdo it, and, as with most things, the more consistent – the better results.

“The face shows the heart of the soul. Therefore it needs a touch of care, kindness, healthy food and exercise. Regular facial massage and good skincare rituals at home are important. Invest in quality products that work.”  Kerstin Florian


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