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Renew Your Skin

Renew Your Skin

The benefit of a deep peel treatment easily beats the slight discomfort; it slows down the aging process and brings back skin health in just a couple of weeks.

I usually schedule my own annual deep skin peel during the winter months, that way I don’t have to worry about getting to much sun exposure while peeling.

I instantly see improvements in fine lines, wrinkles and skin tone and my skin firms up nicely. I just make sure to have no important meetings or events scheduled for the 5-7 days following the peel to avoid strange looks and comments about my peeling complexion.

The end result depends upon my home program; it is crucial to follow the directions what to do (or not to do!) and only use the products that comes with the treatment.

Once the follow up treatment is done one week after the initial peel treatment skin is mostly healed and all normal activities and regular skincare routine can resume.

I recommend almost everyone to do a mid depth to a deep peel treatment once a year to achieve optimum skin health.  After a consultation and a patch test I can determine what kind of treatment best fits your skin type while addressing your concerns.

It is that easy to renew your skin; just make time in your calendar and soon you will have a glowing complexion again!

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