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Tips for Kissable Lips!

Tips for Kissable Lips!

My lips are very sensitive to weather and wind so this time a year I try to take extra good care of them. Right now I’m using the new line of lip treatments we just got in from FACE Stockholm.

Here is the scoop; it is a collection of lip products that exfoliate, normalize and nourish lips while other products will prepare lips for the perfect application of color.

5 steps to soft, kissable lips:

  1. EXFOLIATE For soft, healthy lips, exfoliate lips with Exfoliator 1-2 times/week.
  2. CONDITION After exfoliation, nourish lips with Vitamin E for dry lips or Vitamin C to smooth fine lines.
  3. MOISTURIZE Hydrate lips throughout the day with the lightly tinted Treatment.
  4. PROTECT When outside always protect lips and remember sun damage occur year around. I love Kerstin Florian lip balm sfp 15.
  5. USE CARING COLOR FACE Veil Lipsticks never look overdone with a sheer tone of moisturizing, beautiful color.

And here is the recipe for the Perfect Red Smile:

  1. Pre lips with Lip Enhancer to fill in lines and build the contours.
  2. Normalizer neutralizes red and prevents feathering of the lip line.
  3. Lip Base evens out lip tone and defines edges.
  4. Lip Fix is the ultimate primer that prevents fading without drying.
  5. Line lips lightly with Lipliner Helen and fill in the rest of the lip with a perfect coat of long-wearing Matte Lipstick in Secret.

Stop by Skincare Butik for a complementary lip fix treatment and try on a new beautiful lip color!  xoxo

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