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Tips for Skin, Body, Bath, Summer 2021

Tips for Skin, Body, Bath, Summer 2021

Hydrate from the Outside In

Summer heat means you need to increase your water intake, and that’s not just for drinking water! Facial tonics, toners and floral waters like ANDA Coherence Elixir and Natural Rehydrating Neroli Water are excellent ways to cool off, refresh skin and maintain hydration levels as temperatures rise. For a soothing, mineral-rich DIY body mist, dissolve a tablespoon or two of Mineral Wellness Soak with Eucalyptus in a spray bottle of purified water – your body and senses will thank you. You can even keep them on ice to take the cool factor up a notch – literally!.


ANDA Coherence Elixir
ANDA Coherence Elixir $80


Natural Rehydrating Neroli Water
Natural Rehydrating Neroli Water $36


Bathe Mineral Wellness Soak
Bathe Mineral Wellness Soak $42


Turn Summer into Bath Season

Some might think of baths as a way to warm up on a cold night. While that certainly works wonders, baths can refresh and soothe just as well! First, try scrubbing dry or damp skin with Turkish Body Scrub to invigorate skin and senses with cooling eucalyptus and camphor. Follow with a dip in a cool bath with Thermal Mineral Shower/Bath Gel and Organic Grapefruit Black Pepper Bath & Body Oil. This veritable symphony of complementary aromas and sensations will leave body and mind refreshed and revitalized. See? Any season can be bath season!.


Aromatherapy Turkish Body Scrub
Aromatherapy Turkish Body Scrub $50


Bathe Thermal Mineral Shower/Bath Gel
Bathe Thermal Mineral Shower/Bath Gel 13.5 fl oz : $36.00


Organic Grapefruit Black Pepper Bath & Body Oil
Organic Grapefruit Black Pepper Bath & Body Oil $48


Sun-Smart Skincare

We all know the dangers of sun overexposure – photodamage, premature aging, even skin cancer – but the sun isn’t all bad! It’s the best source of Vitamin D there is, and a little melanin stimulation is our skin’s natural protection against sunburn. However, the key is protection – before, during and after being in the sun – to allow us to enjoy the sun’s benefits without the harm. BEFORE: Don’t exfoliate or scrub skin prior to your beach day. Apply sunscreen of at least 30 SPF at least half an hour prior to exposure. Grab a hat and tunic to add even more protection. DURING: While outside, reapply liberally every 1-2 hours, or after each dip in the water. Choose a physical or mineral sunscreen like zinc-based Correcting Multi-Vitamin Day Crème SPF 30 for the healthiest protection for your skin and for our ocean reefs. AFTER: Cool skin down and keep cells hydrated post exposure with a natural, easily-absorbed skin quencher like Natural Aloe Gel to alert skin that it can exit protection mode and relax in comfort.


Natural Aloe Gel
Natural Aloe Gel $45.00

Credits: Kerstin Florian

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