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Use UV Neutralizer this summer!

Use UV Neutralizer this summer!

Several clients have come in with sunburn on their face and body, chocked how fast it happened thinking no skin protection for a short while should be ok… And it can be but you have to choose what time a day.

Read more on what Dr. Johnsons have to say about this hot topic below:

Summer Sun Protection With Dr. Johnson

blog2Any form of sun protection is better than getting a sunburn. However, using sun protection daily when you are not in the sun for more than 10 minutes at a time is not ideal because the sun has many proven health benefits and the skin is designed to tolerate sun exposure quite well in limited doses. This is assuming your immune system, which repairs sun damage, is not compromised by an illness or medication. In that case, less sun exposure throughout the day is preferred with the possible addition of zinc/titanium topical sunblocks if the immune system is severely compromised.

UV Neutralizer is equivalent to SPF 30+ and is the best sun protection available where the UV Index is 9.0 or less. Secondary protection is advised in tropical regions except during winter months when the UV Index is lower. As with any sun protection, the UV Index peaks at noon so with intense sun exposure between 11-1PM, you may consider additional sun protection, especially the nose, forehead and shoulders. UV Neutralizer is still advised as a secondary form of sun protection in all cases because of its total-body coverage and its ability to increase a healthy, protective tan at all times.

The advantage of using scalar wave technology as sun protection is that it protects the skin, scalp and eyes without being washed off. It is taken internally so it protects from the inside-out. The protection lasts for three hours (unless exercising or profuse perspiration) and requires that you take it an hour before exposing your skin to the sun, but the simplicity of the coverage makes it worth it. There is also a tan-enhancing option that works by increasing the activity of melanocyte stimulating hormone for a healthy tan without DNA damage.

With profuse perspiration and elevated heart rate for 30 minutes, the protection will stop and require you to wait another hour after taking another dose.

Body parts that are in direct line with the sun are more susceptible to burning because the sun cannot be reflected by the skin and therefore the sun damage is much more intense. Sun exposure in mild and moderate regions or seasons (specifically with a UV Index of 9 or less) will be best protected by scalar wave technology.

Sun exposure in more intense regions or seasons (specifically a UV Index of 9.1 or greater) should use additional protection in the form of topical sunscreens, preferably Zinc and/or Titanium and for water based activities use water resistant sunscreen.

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Credit: Ben Johnson, MD
Osmosis Founder and Formulator

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